Collaborative portal for client and contractor

estimating with sub schedules amit 1

Shift from the adversary approach of managing clients to one of open communications. This will foster and improve relationships and outcomes for both parties. The shared goals will establish the basis for a motivated team and encourage individual contribution to the end goal of delivering your project on budget and on time.


Online cloud based

estimating with sub schedules

Delivers an iterative, collaborative approach to working with clients that will improve financial and project outcome for all parties.


Easy setup


No specialised skill needed to set up the project.

Absolute flexibility in managing task streams which can be added, moved and deleted as required.


Kanban board: Visual card system


Provides a picture of progress in the project live, simplifying access to delegation and completion of tasks.


Document registration with date stamping


This will provide you with a place to deposit and use critical drawings and documents. Once loaded these cannot be deleted, but can be retired and replaced with a new version.

Management of incidents on site through to closure including:

  • Management system

  • Contract documentation

  • Drawing register

  • Client RFI’s

  • Engineers RFI’s

  • Contractors RFI’s

  • Incidents/issues

  • Inspections


Transparent communication with single source of truth


Start you project here, track all the information, communication and milestones at a single point.