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Methvin has been a passion for me ever since I started pricing up construction work. Making a profit in construction is hard enough but when your pricing system lets you down, it can be a fatal blow. As an advocate and practitioner of “First Principle Estimating” my pricing is always strengthened by the ability to use flexibility when setting variables. I have found complex pricing on large jobs can sometimes be a challenge in many of the pricing software applications available. As the CEO of Methvin, I have passionately collaborated with a number of software engineers all over the world, to bring to the industry a user friendly, powerful online platform, that is both accurate and free (to most). Our goal is to be the world’s most widely used online estimating and collaboration platform for construction, engineering and infrastructure projects. Go on! Connect and collaborate.

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About Us

Methvin’s evolution is cemented in our commitment to offer only the most functional, flexible and easy to use Web-based estimating and bidding solution since 2002. Three years ago, we began an extensive redevelopment effort of Methvin, to engineer the existing application using the latest Java technology.

In today’s fast-paced, competitive bidding environment, successful companies need innovative tools for forecasting profit and quickly generating quality cost estimates and winning bids. Over 500 professionals from leading infrastructure companies throughout the U.S. and Canada New Zealand have chosen Methvin as their solution for winning more profitable bids.

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