Management of Construction Projects

Management of construction projects involve a myriad variety of skills ranging from scheduling and resource management to leadership and problem solving abilities. Effectual project management is the key skill for the construction managers as it can be the key difference between the success as well as the failure of a construction project.

Project Specification: The primary step in the each and every construction project is project specification. The most essential component of this step is the creation of an extremely detailed description of what needs to be built after detailed discussion between the client as well as the as the project manager to whom the project has been assigned. It is essential that the description must include all the necessary details such as the expected expenditure, the construction material to be used as well as the projected construction timeframe.


Stakeholder Relationship: Another essential component of construction project management is the necessity of the project manager to maintain a healthy proactive relationship with the various shareholders in the construction project. The various stakeholders in the construction project might encompass the various clients, the project funding managers as well as the project end-users. The contractors also serve as a pivotal part of the stakeholder relationship as they are primarily responsible for providing the materials as well as the labor for the completion of the project. It takes time and efforts to continuously ensure that everyone should be happy with the progression of the project, and thereby this is often one of the most challenging roles, which needs to be fulfilled by a project manager. 


Budgeting: The budgeting of a construction project is very important as it basically consists of two steps – the first is to initially identify the cost of the project and the second id to ensure that the projects eventually gets completed within the pre-specified cost limitations. Another major part of budgeting is to allocate the cost to the various parts of the project in the appropriate manner.


Scheduling: Within the realm of project management, scheduling is one of the most pivotal aspects of the construction projects as the people as well as the resources have to be efficaciously managed in order to be available as and when required. It is perhaps one of the most practically challenging aspect of construction project management. In order to assist with this arduous task, a lot of specialized software have been developed in order to aid in the critical path analysis for attaining the most optimum solution.


Quality: This is a critical aspect of construction projects as the structure should be reasonable in terms of durability, aesthetic appeal as well as safety in addition to conforming with the pre-construction standards. Thus, it is mandatory to employ only the best practices in terms of manufacturing processes, without compromising upon the quality of the building materials used.