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If you’re planning to change from manual to electronic procurement, chances are you’ll want it to be simple, accessible, fast and effective. Check out the massive benefits Methvin’s portal offers you and your staff:

More time! Your easy-to-use e-Procurement system is fully automated. That means you’ll spend considerably less time administering the tendering process, and you’ll eliminate the time you currently spend on collating and distributing hard copy documentation.

Significant cost savings!  Many of the advertising, printing and distribution costs associated with procurement will be greatly reduced.

A Massive, Highly Targeted Audience! Our 12,200+ registered supplier organisations throughout the world are ready and waiting for when you do need to go out to the wider market.

Happy suppliers!  Your potential suppliers will find the submission process easier and faster when they can access your documentation and send their responses via your portal.

Increased transparency! You’ll have complete oversight over what’s happening at each step of the process.



This portal will support the procurement process and help private and public sector and other organisations to achieve better value from their buying, whilst providing subcontractors/suppliers with easier access to new business opportunities and contracts.

Registering on the Methvin Portal is FREE for all and is a simple and straightforward exercise. Once registered, as a Supplier you will receive email updates on new contract opportunities issued by the private and public sector that match your capabilities.

The tender process will be managed electronically via this service, with tenders being exchanged electronically.

Methvin comprises the following modules: publish tenders, tender evaluation, new opportunities, estimating, tender box and project management, delivering full US and EU compliance in a securely hosted, auditable and protected environment.

Methvin offers you the flexibility to create a bespoke procurement package for your organisation.You can choose to use the full end-to-end solution or utilise one or more of the modular applications in line with the size or requirements of your organisation.

We guarantee you’ll reduce the time, costs and inefficiencies of manual procurement with a web-based e-Procurement portal powered by Methvin.

You’ll have the option to deal only with your preferred suppliers or access our 12,000+ registered supplier organisations.



Here’s what’s best about being a Methvin subscriber . . .

Every morning you’ll get email notification of the latest business opportunities, including direct links to pages where you can download tender documents, most times for free. You’ll only receive relevant notifications based on information you provide. But you’ll also have the flexibility to create multiple searches in our system yourself.  And because we know that one size doesn’t fit all and your colleagues may have different needs, they can do the same.

Our researchers hunt down even the hardest-to-find tenders during their daily search, including all levels of government, councils and corporate procurers. This means you can rest assured, that you’ll have comprehensive coverage.

Plus, you have the added bonus that your subscription includes opportunities published clients, all within your one daily notification email.

And because we know you’re busy, we’ve kept things straightforward. Simply choose from our range of easy to understand and very flexible trades in your region.