Types of Software in Construction Project Management

There are various types of software available in the market today to aid in the field of construction project management. Some of the most popular ones are:

•Project Portfolio Management – Such type of software are primarily designed in order to address the information management as well as the project scheduling requirements of managers, so that they can effectively manage time as well as improve the overall efficiency. The various software available in this field effectively minimize the performance risk by effectively managing the track costs, assessing the available resources as well as incorporating the most effectual changes. Also, they also enable the facility of keeping the records of all contracts organized as well as available for display, at any point of time. Primavera is one of the prime examples of the software tool providers in the field of Portfolio Project Management.

•Integrated Construction Estimation – Software products belonging to this category integrate the portfolios with financial as well as business management for and entire range of the construction management resources. Various programs belonging to this sub category such as Goldenseal and PrioSoft provide construction project management functionality such as changing and writing contracts, scheduling operations as well as managing materials. Such software tools also including accounting facilities that can be further utilized in the generation of financial reports, assessment of job cuts, payroll management as well as project billing. On the other hand, the tools available in the context of business management includes customer relations, business planning as well as appointment scheduling as an intrinsic part of the software in the field of Integrated Construction Estimation.

•Online Construction Management – These are a unique range of web based construction management software programs which can be accessed directly over the Internet as opposed to manual installation on the computer. A popular online tool in the field of construction project management, Projectmates helps the users to carry out most of the functioning of the project management programs, without even running any software over the local computer network. Mostly such construction management tools found online are used to track project tasks, make requisite changes in the project structure as well as report the ongoing changes to the other specified users. However, the important benefit of the tools available for online construction management is that it enables collaboration amongst multiple users via web interfaces via pro-active sharing as well as editing of schedules and assignments. Features such as finance and contract management, workflow modulator and subcontract bid manager are also offered in order to easily generate analytical reports which can be saved on the local drive or sent to other users for verification. Another major advantage of these online tools is that they can easily be accessed over a smart phone from the job site itself and thus can prove fruitful in terms of facilitating progress as well as problem solving in a timely manner.